Lover of Food

My first time… at sen yai sen lek

As I sit here writing this I realize that a lot of my recent firsts have revolved around food. This is not purposeful but it just happened that way. Please know that while I do love food, I also have other interests and am not ballooning here on the other side of the screen.

Nonetheless, I tried a great Thai place over the weekend that I just can’t keep a secret. My neighbor tried this place not long ago and loved it but warned me that the spicy dishes are “wayyyy spicy”; I was super excited to try!

noodles n' rice

paper cranes

calm and quaint

Perusing the menu quite a few items jumped out at me, and after seeing a wall filled with food awards I knew I had to start with the lettuce wraps. They were unlike any other lettuce wraps I have had…

the toppings

Thai lettuce wraps with peanuts, dried shrimp, ginger, lime, toasted coconut, chillies, and red onion. Served with salty-sweet shrimp sauce.


The perfect mixture of salty, sweet, spicy and crunchy!

I need a napkin...

For my main dish, I opted for the Pad Kee Mao. I am a sucker for thai basil and fresh veggies so it sounded like the perfect choice. And wow, was it spot on! As a lover of Thai food this dish has made sen yai sen lek one of the top places on my list!

Pad Kee Mao

It was fun to try this place because living in Minneapolis I thought it was so hard to find really good ethnic food–come to find out, I live not far from a street with the greatest variety of ethnic food… perhaps in the whole city (please let me know if I am wrong). I am so excited I was able to try somewhere new, and explore a not so secret area of town.


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