Dressskirt or Skirtdress?!

The first time… I re-purposed a dress

Today was one of those days where I couldn’t find anything to wear. I mean nothing. I woke up at 5:15 AM (kind of unheard of for me) to have breakfast with some great girlfriends before work. While I was excited to go, not finding something to wear is NOT the way to start the day. I think I put on about four or five outfits before I spotted a grey tube dress I bought a couple years ago…

a blank canvas

I tried it on with a cardigan… but didn’t love the look. So I was standing in front of the closet thing “REALLY… how do I not have ANYTHING to wear!?!?!” Then it came to me, yesterday I got the newest Victoria’s Secret catalog and saw this awesome cranberry colored maxi skirt. While I could not order the skirt and have it delivered that very moment, I realized I had my very own maxi skirt in the grey tube dress I had re-discovered. So the re-purposing began, and I like the outcome!

nice transition, right?!

I was thrilled when a few people at work told me they liked it as well, so I think it will be added into the rotation! I mean Luke even liked it! Woohooo for repurposing!



One thought on “Dressskirt or Skirtdress?!

  1. tony calle says:

    I dig it!

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