Good Day (Bad Day)

My first time… at the Good Day Cafe, Bad Day Bar (& a garden update)

After what felt like FOREVER I was  excited to get together with my friend Ashley and so excited that she wanted to try somewhere that neither of us had been. I was stoked when she decided upon Good Day Cafe, Bad Day Bar. This hip little spot is not far from my gym I was thrilled to drop in (sorry for the lack of photos).

Bad Day Bar

Not super hungry Ashley and I indulged in some wine and chatting away we decided to get a snack. She had her eyes on the “Popovers” served with homemade strawberry jam and pistachio spread. I am convinced this is a Minnesota thing; nonetheless she reassured me that I would love them as much as she does.

Butter, Jam, Spread.... YUM

Not knowing what a “Popover” was, I was stunned when I saw these–but boy were they delish!

"WHOA!!!" Joey style

The decor was a little retro, kind of country diner, and it was so cute! I would love to go back sometime when I am really hungry as everyone’s food nearby looked awesome, and smelled wonderful!BUT I had everyone beat on the company–mine was the best!

After a quick happy hour I am home and remembered that I have provided no update on my garden since…well… forever. Check out this jungle!


Any my very first harvest!!!!!!!

Cantaloupe... still a little growing to do...

Basil overload!

1st harvest

My kitchen and my hands smell so good after my first harvest. I can’t wait for a few more. Think I need to move somewhere warm year round… I would love fresh veggies, fruit and herbs at all times!


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