“Come on back now, ya hear?!”

My first time… at the Walker Art Center

Now, I know I have said it a million times but I truly have the greatest family on Earth. Needless to say, I was so excited when 2/5 of the family aka the parents could make their way “up north” to visit ME! With no real plans on the docket I was thrilled when my mom suggested we head to the Walker. It is a place I have always had intentions to go but hadn’t quite made it. Having mom and dad here was a great excuse to go!


fact of life

Mom, Dad and I started in The Sculpture Garden arboritum and saw this awesome coy made entirely of glass– who knew that there are palm trees in MINNESOTA?!

coys remind of me japan...

After we made it to all of the corners of the sculpture garden it was time to head indoors. As I said I was excited but I was over the moon when the curator told us it was “First Saturday” which means no fee for the entire day!! “Walker here we come!” But not without Beck taking a pit stop and AJ taking a rest!

strongest man in the world

Check out the wallpaper I “spotted” that led down the hallway (I love museums)!!!!

eye see you!

We made our way down a beautiful hallway…


very cool

and through some incredible installations. Here are some of the highlights…aka faves

mirror/body or body/mirror?

drink? drank? drunk?

Miss Mary?? Poppins that is…

let's fly away

Why hello there Mr. Warhol…

self portrait

Who knew there was a “Meat Dress” in the 50’s… long before Gaga (no love lost)

sorry for the blur; dark and in a hurry

And one of my favorites of the day– I call it “The Bodies”


After viewing all the galleries, we made our way to the roof

storm rollin' in?

After a few hours roaming the Walker it was onto the rooftop at Britt’s for some Bootleggers and catching up

Bono said it right, "beautiful day"

Boots and Diet Coke

This past weekend was truly wonderful and blessings in ways I never expected. I have known that my parents were incredible but this weekend drove it home. I have the most wonderfully loving and supportive parents that anyone could ask for. Not only are they my parents, but they are some of my best friends in the ENTIRE WORLD!! I am so blessed and so THANKFUL that they are mine (oh yeah, and my brothers…I guess I can share)!!!


2 thoughts on ““Come on back now, ya hear?!”

  1. Ashdarlina says:

    Love that Warhol!
    Looks like you had a fun day!

  2. Cindy (Johnson) Kruse says:

    And, my dear girl, your parents are equally blessed to have such a wonderful daughter who understands so much about the human life/love experience. You are very special indeed and all parents should be so lucky as yours are, to have had a part in helping raise a child who turned out to be such a great person as you have. I know that all of you count your blessings, as do I just for knowing all of you and for having you in my life. You warm my heart and I love you honey!

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