“Take me to the altar in your white dress…”

My first…super crazy, fun filled, happy, extraordinary love filled girl weekend!!

As last week was drawing to a close and the weekend was drawing near, I knew that I was going to have a great weekend but I don’t think that I realized just how lucky I am. I am so lucky to have such incredible girlfriends in my life!

My weekend kicked off my happy hour with a “date” with my dear friend Kacie! We chose a place each of us had been but we had never been together, Masu Sushi and Robata.


Though we had each been before I was so excited to try new things from the menu and simply enough the beautiful Minnesota afternoon with such a great friend.

choices, choices, choices...

It also didn’t hurt that my all time favorite food is SUSHI! Thanks much in part to my friends, travels and loves of Japan!


art in food form

As if that weren’t enough the menu include SOCHU! While traveling in Japan this was on of my favorite drinks, not only could you order it in restaurants and bars, you could even buy it from vending machines. I was thrilled they had it on the menu and overjoyed for Kacie to try it for the first time.

pure BLISS

After our chatty happy hour we walked out the front door happened upon the NE Dog Parade! Who knew this existed?

i heart ne!

After stalking about 100 gorgeous and unique little pups we found ourself at a sidewalk sale outside Pure Boutique. There were some great deals that I encouraged Kacie to partake in. Cheering her on while she tried on a great dress I meandered around the store until I happened upon this beautiful necklace. While I was there to support Kac in her purchase I had to put it on, and then I just couldn’t leave it there. Thus, she became  mine– and she was so shiny in the sun!

shine shine shine

After my FANTASTIC purchase, it was time to head home and let the pups out. I was so thrilled to see the dogs, and shortly thereafter realized the my stomach was growling (this was about 4 or 5 hours after sushi, just in case you were beginning to think I was an oinker). And when it was suggested that we order Vietnamese food from a local eatery not far from my house I was skeptical as I had heard some not so shining reviews.

BUT, I was blown away by the incredible Vietnamese Curry (best I have had since living in Japan)– my skepticism was blown out of the water and the proof went straight into my stomach! If you haven’t been to or ordered from Cali’s Vietnamese in NE Minneapolis, I suggest you try ASAP!!

seriously insane--- can't even describe it in words

After stuffing ourselves we found our way to Club Jaeger and then onto the Otter Bar, both of which proved to be a great time!

patio time

As Friday night came to a close and my head hit the pillow, my thoughts drifted into all that was to come on Saturday! My great friend Katie and her awesome fiancee Emerson recently moved to Denver for EE to continue on in his education but I was so thrilled that Katie still opted to have her bachelorette party here in Minneapolis. She is such a loyal and kind friend I was greatly looking forward to celebrating her big night!

The day began with a dress fitting and accessory shopping in St. Paul! While I would love to show you just how beautiful Katie looked in her dress, I can’t do any dress revealing! So this will have to do; we had such a great time!

bride and friends

We started at Seven Sushi and SteakHouse (sushi may have been the theme of the weekend) and then moved on up to the rooftop!

yes, please

gorgeous little view

After the rain began to fall, it was time to move indoors and onto another venue. For us, that meant dancing at 508!

the beautiful bride

Minnie Transplants

After that it was off to the 90’s, The Gay 90’s for a drag show! And the show did not disappoint!


After all the festivities it was back to the Westin for relaxation and Macaroon Kickin’ (it’s a Canadian thing apparently)!!

these heels were made for walkin'

After a swift taxi ride home and a brief sleep it was onto a send of brunch with some of my favorite girls!

good thing we know a few "decent" dentists

After weekends filled like this I am exhausted but so wonderfully reminded I am of the blessings of friendships and love that surround me here and beyond. I am so thankful and so grateful, although I think I will be recovering from a lack of sleep for about 2 weeks!


4 thoughts on ““Take me to the altar in your white dress…”

  1. Kristin says:

    Love this post! What a fun weekend 🙂

  2. kischkin says:

    Love you Mo! What a fantastic weekend! I’m so glad you are in my life!!

  3. MMM…sushi! 🙂 What a good friend you are making a pregnant lady want sushi! When I do get the chance to have it – i’m bringing you with me

  4. Dustin says:

    Wow! You’re a good writer…you should work for City Pages or something on the side…

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