Doin’ it Pioneer Style

My first…. go at Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta

This past weekend I invited a few friends over for dinner and drinks. As soon as a time was set I was on the hunt for a great recipe. My first stop was one of my favorite blogs; Ree Drummond’s The Pioneer Woman. If you haven’t visited, you should. I was so excited as I browsed all her wonderful recipes and gorgeous food photos. After much deliberation I selected Spicy Cajun Chicken Pasta and my heart began to flutter; I knew it was the one.

In an ideal world I would have had all the ingredients just in my kitchen just begging to be used. Unfortunately, life is not always ideal so I headed off the store!!

The goods

I began by doing a number on the red peppers– first, removed the stem, and slice off the top…

Off with the head

Next it was time to remove “the guts”– I used sharp knife to cut out the tough flesh although most of it was removed with my favorite cooking tool–hands!

No more guts

After the “guts” were removed I used the same sharp knife to thinly slice the red pepper, I then repeated the process with the green pepper as well. When slicing thing fajita sized slices…

Green and Red combo

Waiting in the wings was this beautiful red onion–make sure to cut off the ends and peel away the papery outside layers.

get some kleenex

Next I thinly sliced the onion– just perfect for sauteeing but that will come later!


Now tomato time– I sliced these beautiful  little Romas in half…


and then took to dicing.


I had to take a quick break to snap a picture of the “scraps” in my sink… even they were vibrant and beautiful!


Back to work, it was time for the garlic.


After peeling and chopping off the ends I used a large knife for a quick dicing.

diced garlic

I set all of the fresh veggies aside and moved onto the chicken. While the recipe called for boneless skinless chicken breasts, I opted for these boneless skinless tenderloins as I knew there was some cutting to be done.


I cut the chicken tenders into bit size pieces, keeping in mind that they will cook down slightly.


After all the cutting, it was on to SEASONING!!! YUM!

seasons on chicks

After allowing the chicken and seasoning love on each other for a bit, I threw the chicken in frying pan with a little bit of olive oil and butter.


The heat was set to high and I allowed the chicken to cook on each side for about a minute.


After it was fully cooked I removed the chicken from the heat and onto a plate. The skillet went back on the stove with a little more olive oil and butter.


Once the butter had melted I tossed in the peppers, onions, and garlic; BAM!

love the color

This smelled incredible. I allowed the veggies to sautee for a minute or so.


Near the end of the veggies sauteeing– toss in those fresh Romas (sorry I forgot to take a picture). After about 30 seconds remove all the veggies and set aside for later. I placed the pan back over the high heat and added white wine, and chicken broth.


I made sure to stir the broth mixture so that it any remaining chicken or veggies were being soaked in broth. I cooked the mixture until the liquid was reduced by about half and was beginning to get thicker. In the meantime, I heated a large pasta pot and begin cooking the pasta. After the liquid was reduced I added the cream– and made sure to stir so that the cream would not burn. It took a few minutes but it began to thicken. I then added the chicken and veggies into the mixture bringing the sauce to a bubble and then added the pasta to soak up all the yumminess!


The sauce will continued to thicken once the pasta was added but not quite to my liking so I added just a little pinch of corn starch and walll-ah! Threw together a side salad and the meal was complete! Nothing beats dinner outside on a breezy summer night!


Final Product

While the pictures might not do it justice I must say the Pioneer Woman outdid herself with this one. While it took a little time I was blown away but how much I liked this, and how good it tasted as leftovers!


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