If these walls could talk…

My first time… breaking and entering

Well not really breaking, more like entering. On my recent vacation to Cozumel I was staying at a beautiful resort but my eyes kept being drawn to a house few hundred yards down the beach. From afar it was unclear what the houses story was; unfinished, being remodeled, damaged by storms, abandoned? On the last evening of the trip I decided to find out for myself.

From the beach the house peeks through the trees but gives me little more than a hint at what it could look like up close– the move inward toward the property as a little rough (for a swimsuit and flip flops)…

from the beach

Battling the terrain was well worth the adventure that I had just embarked on… the place was incredible!


I could only begin to imagine the grandeur and the beauty that this place could have had. From pools and columns to staircases and hot tubs the place was breathtaking…


My mind was constantly wandering to what happened here… who built this place… whose dream home remains unfinished?

thinking chair w/ an ocean view

Around every corner there was new beauty and new areas to explore…

Gardens galore

Huge hallways, and untold stories…


I am not sure what happened here or why this place remains in this manner but it was so fun to explore. There was so much more house but not knowing what critters some of the corners held, I abstained from some of the scarier depths. I would love to do some more exploring of abandoned houses in this area… might become a new hobby!


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