Mary Mary Quite Contrary….

My first… Garden

Every spring when it is clear that summer is just around the corner, I begin to think of all the “summer” foods I can’t wait to eat. Corn on the cob, hamburgers on the grill, and one of my all time favorites, BLTs. Personally, I can think of nothing better than a huge slice of fresh tomato, straight from the garden and onto my BLT; the quintessential summer meal. So, this year rather than waiting around for tomato season, or purchasing them at the farmer’s market, I have opted to plant a garden of my own!

With a little planning, I began growing seedlings for tomatoes and peppers indoors about 8 weeks ago. A little love, and water helped to produce some hearty little guys, fit for the planting. I started by tilling (turning over the soil), weeding and removing rocks from the garden. It took a while but allowed me to see just how fertile the soil was; tons of worms!

After that it was time for planting. I had a wide array of things to plant, in addition to items that had re-grown from gardens past. I was super excited when I set eyes on these little garden markers, and knew I just had to have them.

Too cute, right?!

After labeling the garden markers, it was time to plant. I began by mapping out where I wanted to plant each seedling, including the items that were already grounded; then took to planting. Some of the items did not require seedling growth but rather planting directly in the ground.


Hurry up!

Now I water daily and wait in anticipation for those big red tomato slices to put on my BLT!!! Hopefully they will come quickly!


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