Getting all caught up!

Day 94: What you’re doing now 

After having been in Mexico for over a week I was ready to have some American cooking. So tonight I whipped up some Beer Brats and onions with a side of salt and vinegar potato chips. Back to reality and the workout grind tomorrow.

Smell delicious

Day 93: View from your bedroom window

Currently, it is completely dark outside my bedroom window. But a weekend or so this was my view (cue the collective awwwww)!

Franklin in the shade

Day 92: Something weird in your house

My favorite little dish scrubber

The Dishman

Day 91: Something that made you smile today

The loot

Day 90: Current school or work photo

Since I have not been at work for about 10 days now… this would be my most current work photo

me @ "the office"

Day 89: What’s in your fridge

Thankfully I stopped by the grocery today as this morning this bad boy was very empty.

Fridge half full

Day 88: Your bathroom 


Day 87: Something you hold dear to your heart

Ever since I was a little girl I remember the brass giraffes at my grandmother’s house

Day 86: Something your mom bought you 

Ever since my travels to Japan I have loved all types of busts and was so excited when my mom got me this one. I love the bright green and it is perfect for my “international” guest room!

"Say Cheese"

Day 85: Something pink 

This was one of the beautiful Hawaiian flowers that I received for my birthday… hope to see them next time in HAWAII!


Day 84: Favorite pair of shorts 

I don’t wear a ton of shorts as I am more of a skirt and dress gal but these are my FAVORITE sleeping shorts. They are super soft and comfy, I wish I would have bought multiple pair.


Day 83: The moon tonight 

No moon out right now…. but how about this sunset!



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