Weekend Recap (Day 72-74)

Day 74: Something you found under the bed

I have quite a few subscriptions to various types of magazines and when I find something I like, I pull the page and keep it. I figure this takes less room than keeping the entire magazine. Whether the articles include a recipe, work out regimens, shopping or travel tips I keep them for reference, and apparently this stack need some organizing.

Exploration under the bed



Day 73: Your lunch

As you know, last week was Easter. Instead of having dinner at home my girlfriend Katie and her fiancée Emerson invited people over for R-I-B-S and they were delish. I was thankful for the invite but had a left over ham and all the fixings still at home. So on this dreary and cold “spring” day I had a belated Easter meal. It was pretty good although I was not in love with the ham. (This was also a first for me as I have never prepared a ham in my life… not sure I will do it again. I realized I love bacon much more than ham and that takes quite a bit less prep)

Ham-Taters-Green Bean Casserole- Biscuits

Day 72: A stuffed animal 

This little guy requires some back story. My friend’s Kristin and Scott hosted a super rad 80’s Christmas Party. At the part there was a white elephant gift exchanged in which the host and hostess provided all of the 80’s themed gifts. While this was not my gift per say I did poach him from his Uptown home and he has been happily living on the other side of town. Someday he may make the trek home but not today.

Sleepy Time


One thought on “Weekend Recap (Day 72-74)

  1. Kristin says:

    I will get sleepy time back!

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