“…how does your garden grow?” (& Day 62)

With spring just around the corner (minus this week’s forecast) I decided that I really want to plant a garden. I love the taste of fresh vegetables in the summer; nothing beats a slice of tomato on a BLT! After a quick trip to pick up some supplies from Home Depot, my little seedlings are underway.

All need to be started indoors

sow right into the garden (after last frost)

plant indoors or out with plenty of light

For the plants that needed to be started indoors I purchased an at home greenhouse

Step 1

I then poured 4.5 cups of water evenly into the trays– it took about a minute but the small dirt disks began to expand to fill the greenhouse tray

you can hear the dirt expaning; CRAZY!

Next, it was time for planting. I created a small indentation about 1/4 of an inch deep and deposited 1-2 seeds in each section of the tray; covering the seeds with dirt

hurry up now

After planting the seeds and lightly watering them placed the greenhouse lid back on the tray and am waiting, rather impatiently for my little seedlings to grow!!

already steamy

Day 62: Last place you traveled to

The last place I “traveled” to was Chicago for New Years Eve. While I was extremely excited to be there I did not take many pictures of the city. So I borrowed this picture from our sweet hostess Aly; I must she caught this at just the right moment!

"...sweet home Chicago"


2 thoughts on ““…how does your garden grow?” (& Day 62)

  1. Casie says:

    Cool!!!! Question-why do you need to start those ones indoors?

    • You start them early so that they will avoid the late frost that we experience here and so that they have a head start when you plan them in the ground. That way you will actually be able to harvest something before it starts to get cold again!

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