All that glitters…

Day 51: Something handed down to you by your parents/grandparents

When I was a little girl I vividly remember sitting next to my grandma at West Des Moines Open Bible about four pews from the back and to the far left (in case she had to make a quick exit to the restroom). Grandma was the church secretary and she knew everyone so she always tried to look her very best. She had a love for jewelry; extreme understatement. From beautiful gems, to fun and costumey my Grandma had the best jewelry.

There was one ring in particular that my grandma always wore on her right hand. It was a light blue teardrop shaped topaz. I would often spin the ring on her finger or ask her if I could try it on. I thought it was the most beautiful sparkly ring I had ever seen.

When my grandmother passed away I was honored to have inherited some of her jewelry. While still a child, I was not surprised that I did not receive that blue topaz I so adored. Not long after her passing my mom realized that the ring was not her style and in order for her to enjoy the beauty of the piece she had the stone removed and made into a pendant. I was disappointed it was no longer a ring but happy that my mom was able to fall in love with the gem my grandma and I so loved.

So it should come as no surprise that I was completely floored when I received my college graduation present from my mom.

sparkles-needs to be cleaned but you get the idea

3 in 1

My mom had met with a jewelry designer and had this gorgeous ring made for me. The topaz, my grandma’s. The diamond, the first diamond my mom ever received in a ring from her grandma, and the peridot, my mom picked out for me. It is actually 3 separate rings that stack into one. By far this is one of my most prized possessions and such an honor to have this passed down from my grandma, to my mom and then to me!


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