My Buddy

Day 49: A day you remember really well

*a whole new meaning of heaven*


In the fall of 2008 my mom, my dad, my godmother and I loaded up the car and headed west. Heavy-hearted we were on our way to Colorado to set my godfather free. There are few men in my life that have held as special a spot as Gary. He was an incredible godfather, confidante, and buddy; he was family. He was loyal and loving and I am so blessed to have had the time that I did with him. Unfortunately we lost him long before we should have but the memories and love that we had will remain with me forever.

We trekked into one of his favorite places on Earth to fulfill his final wish. We had a picnic, toasted his life and hiked some more. Upon finding the most perfect spot for for my buddy, we said a prayer and set him free. While many tears were shed I know that he is in a better place; a place of love and bliss but this day will stay with me for the rest of my life. Love you Gary! xoxo


2 thoughts on “My Buddy

  1. Becky Brosseau says:

    How appropiate Mo, Cindy found a picture of Gary wearing your hat and he looks very young, maybe early twenties, it was savalged from a fire @ Gary’s house when he was young and lived on Jefferson, just off of Martin Luther King, the edges are all curled,
    but not burned….. it needs a little shadow box frame, I will give it to you at Easter!

  2. Cindy (Johnson) Kruse says:

    You are a most amazing young woman and I am sad that Gary is not still with us to see who you have become. I know his love and care for you would have only deepened, and I believe you can find some peace knowing he is still watching and cheering for you from afar.

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