Moments instead of friends

Day 48: Your best friend

The challenge for the day is to take a photo of your best friend. There is no way to narrow it down. So instead of picking friends I have picked some of my favorite moments  from the past few years… Enjoy!

Mom and Dad


Hammer Time

Al & Luke

Kel & Ev

Jo & Britt

Kris & Ash

80's Night- Jamie, Casie, Sarah


Vogue- Meg & Mel

Part of SMME Rotary

Les, Kels, Ash and Christine

Bri & Laura

Tim & Kera


This list is not exclusive but unfortunately I cannot include all of my favorite moments as I lost many of my pictures in a computer meltdown or there are on my desktop…. in Iowa.  Cheers… here’s to creating more moments to capture in photo form!!!


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