Day 40: An embarrassing childhood photo

This is a photo of two of my cousins; Carli, Maggie and me. No doubt, I’m the one in the pink… with the mullet. Thanks Mom!

Easter circa 1989-ish



Day 39: Your favorite picture

While my grandmother was alive I never remember seeing this picture but I love it! My dad tells me that she loved fishing and was a great fisherwoman. This picture allowed me to see her in another light and made me love her even more (who knew that was possible?)!

Grandma Helen


Day 38: A useless trinket you own

I was living in Denver and was on a field trip to Nordstrom Rack with Michy! We came upon some fun what sunglasses and other than the fact that they are Marc Jacobs I now think…. WHAT WAS I THINKING? I know that these glasses have a use per say but I don’t use them to block the sun, or for tanning purposes. Instead I keep them in my car and each time I open my console I am reminded of how much fun we had that day, and brunch the following day! Somethings are just worth keeping… no matter how HUGE!



Day 37: Last restaurant you ate at

On Saturday night I was back in Iowa and ventured up to Ames to hear my brother sing!! To kick of the evening we met at The Cafe in North Ames for some delectable dishes. It completely slipped my mind to take pictures but feel free to check out their website and stop in if you are ever in the area. Incredible Mac ‘N Cheese!


Day 36: A place where you spend a lot of time

Having a lot of clothes is both a blessing and a curse in that you have so many options when it is time to get ready and often so little time. I find myself standing in front of this closet more often than I would like to admit, trying to figure out what to wear!

Time to reorganize


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