Run Like the Wind

The first time… I felt like a runner

My entire life I have never felt like I was a long distance runner. I wasn’t good at it, so I figured I just couldn’t do it. This has long bothered me especially having lived in two of the most active cities in the United States; everyone runs! I am an active person, regularly go to the gym and yoga. I could go hours on an elliptical but running, not for me. This became extremely frustrating to me recently, as everyone in my family can, has or does run, and does it well.

So the past three weeks I have made a concerted effort to try to “become a runner”. I started only being able to run a mile maybe a little more, and by no means was I fast. Each visit to the gym I have been pushing myself a little more each day. I did everything I could not to look at the time or the distance–covered in magazines of fit women or my drenched sweat towel  I ran on.

Today, was the first time when I jumped on the treadmill with ease, and ran until I could run no longer. I pulled out my headphones, slowed the treadmill to light jog then a walk and finally to stop. I didn’t move my magazines but proceeded to wipe down the treadmill. Much to my surprise when I moved my magazines from the display  I saw that I had run 3.15 MILES!!!!! After only three weeks of hard work, determination, and focus I have greatly improved from my starting point. In no way am I done with my running journey, it has only just begun. But what an incredible reminder that with just a little extra effort and focus I can do anything I put my  mind to!


Day 33: A photo of something you made

My good friend Christine invited us over her boyfriend’s house for dinner, and some March Madness fun. Never one to show up empty handed I grabbed a 12 pack of beer, and a bottle of wine but wanted to make a yummy treat. With a limited amount of time I went to the cupboard for a trusty old church cookbook. I found the recipe for Quick Little Devils and went to baking. While they took a little longer than expected– I must say they were delicious!

Only a few left

yummy layers



One thought on “Run Like the Wind

  1. tony calle says:

    looks so good!

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