Roar of a Lion (& Day 25)

My first time… to the Lion’s Tap

A few weeks ago when Minneapolis was being inundated by yet another snow storm rather than hunkering down and staying inside, we decided to venture out… to the suburbs. Ever since I moved to Minnesota multiple people have told me that I MUST got to the Lion’s Tap in Eden Prairie. It seemed that on a snowy dark Friday night it was the perfect time.

Normally a trip to Eden Prairie would take all of 25 minutes or so from downtown. On this night due to blowing snow and traffic the trip was a more adventurous  2 hours!


While the drive was longer than expected, it was well worth it!

Yum! Yum!


Day 25: Favorite gift from a friend

A few years back I was having a terrible week leading up to my birthday. My friend Melissa said well, why don’t you just come out and visit?! She lives in Portland, OR and at first I thought the trip would be nearly impossible on such short notice but I looked into tickets anyway. Crazily enough tickets were reasonable, I bought right then and there and called Mel to let her know I was really coming! As silly as it may sound this was truly such a sweet gift. She knew that I was down, and her opening the door for me to get away was such a blessing!!!

lovin' life

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