Process THIS! (Day 22)


I think I am in LOVE! A few weeks back I saw an ad for this little beauty; on sale and about 60% off. With a few Santa dollars burning a hole in my pocket I paid the nice gal at Herberger’s for this incredible machine and headed home. I may not have power tools (yet) but this little lady may be my new best friend.

"Girl you better work..."

What did I make to take away all of her sweet gleam and shine?

A delicious feta dip:

1 cup feta/2 cloves garlic/1.5 c greek yogurt (fage)/2 Tbs sour cream/Fresh Dill/Salt &Pepper to taste

Directions: “Put in food processor and presto” (thanks Anthony Bourdain!)


Day 22: A picture of your favorite cd

It is so fitting that this is the photo of the day. I had a really crappy day at work yesterday but was super excited when I rounded the corner this morning to see a sign that said “FREE CDs BELOW”. I honestly cannot tell you the last time I purchased an actual cd. I was so happy to see some older, perhaps forgotten cds of my past. This one caught my eye and I have been listening to it since.

"ready or not here i come, you can't hide"

I was immediately taken back to my friend Janelle’s bedroom circa 1996 rocking out to this cd– I don’t think anyone played this bad boy more than we did. I put it on tonight and still know every word!



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