Time to catch up (sorry! 18/19/20)

Day 20: Your grades or report card

Since I am years removed from college and nearly a decade removed from high school I don’t have easy access to a report card or any set of grades. And while I did well in college my high school grades were nothing to brag about. Since we no longer get “graded” I strive to do my very best to live my life according to the quote below. With an open heart I try to move through each avenue of my life, and live it to the very fullest.

great advice~ Thanks Jan!!

Day 19: One of the best days of your life


Live each day for today!

Day 18: Your favorite outfit

only a few

A few years back I decided that I would like to revert to the days of my childhood where I loved girly dresses and frills. I made a very deliberate decision to try and get as many dresses I possibly could. I jokingly stated that I would like to have one dress for every day of the year. While I am probably in the 20- 30 dress count I can definitively say that dresses are most certainly my favorite outfit!


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