BLT ‘Za (Day 16)

My first… piece of BLT pizza

While at work I often hear people talking about how they wish that dinner would “…just be ready” when they got home or that someone was cooking away and when they walked in dinner was ready. Not to make anyone jealous but this exact thing happened to me tonight! I walked through the door after a long day at work, and a sweat fest at the gym to  a delicious concoction cooking in the oven… BLT Pizza. Who knew that my favorite sandwich could be so delicious as pizza?! Sorry there aren’t many pictures, I forgot to shoot until I was almost done snarfing! Not bad Chef, not bad!!!

sooo full!

Day 16: Something embarrassing in your room

Preface: In my day to day life I am fairly organized. Carry a planner. Like lists. Enjoy order. But when it comes to my guest bedroom these tendencies have somehow become obsolete. I can make excuses:

  1. Small closet
  2. Lots of clothes
  3. Unable to find a dresser I like
  4. Dislike folding laundry
  5. Dislike putting laundry away about 100 times more than dislike #4
  6. My dogs enjoy the smell of clean laundry and this keeps it within reach

Nonetheless, this is my clean laundry basket, pile, mountain…

covering my eyes in shame


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