Day 14 & 15 for your viewing pleasure

Day 15: Your childhood home

Good old West Des Moines, Iowa. I lived here in the earliest part of my childhood but the house was a cornflower blue with peach trim. Mine was the room on the corner; one small window on each side. Lots and lots of memorable moments in this home. Did I mention it was my mom’s childhood home too?!


21st Street stomping grounds


Day 14: Something you hate

Quite frankly growing up we were never allowed to use the word hate it was on the same level of a curse word. With that stated at this juncture in my life it was not hard to think of something that truly truly TRULY HATE! And if you know me well you already know that I cannot stand winter, and despise the cold!! So, you might wonder what else could she possibly dislike so much?!? Here’s the answer… snow that has stuck around in this never-ending winter; that is slowly wearing on all of us and becomes dirtier and dirtier with each passing day!

uggghhhhh!!!!! summer please!


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