The Sample Room (& Day 2)

My first time… at The Sample Room

Recently a girlfriend from my yoga studio invited me for happy hour and we finally met up tonight! When Veronica suggested The Sample Room I was elated as I have been wanting to try it forever! I have driven past the quaint little building a number of times and have always been curious but never stumbled in. But tonight was the night!

Marshall Street NE

Those of us familiar with NE Minneapolis know that every building has a story; needless to say I was excited to see that the menu offered it up:


On top of all the cool history, I love the simple yet unique decor, hardwood floors, big comfy booths…


roses are red...

Not to mention the fabulous happy hour– $3 taps, rails, and house wine, and $3-5 appetizers DELISH!!


For this happy hour I picked a divine house salad, with blue cheese, cranberries, roasted beets and pine nuts. Unfortunately, by the time I ordered the salad it was super dim and my picture didn’t turn out very well. Nontheless, I will be going back again, and again! Anyone up for happy hour?!

100 Day Photo Challenge

Day 2: A photo that makes you happy

ha ha ha!

Before I headed off for Japan in 2004 my mom had setup a family photo shoot for us. The session was filled with lots of posing and fake smiles. But when a joke was passed about picking one another nose we were in stitches, and this was the outcome. This, makes me so happy!


One thought on “The Sample Room (& Day 2)

  1. Leah Case says:

    Love this one!

    p.s I would so love to go to happy hour there!

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