HIIII-YA food aversion defeated (sort of)

My first time… helping someone with their first

It’s not very often that you get to be a part of someone else’s first, so I was excited when my friend Ashley wanted to try SUSHI for the very first time. Now a little background about Ashley, she has the most food aversions of anyone I know! The fact that she was willing to go out of her box, try something that scared her to death, and invite me along…what an honor!!!

Ashley knew I had lived in Japan and trusted my judgement on the sushi-front. After much debate by Christine and I we decided to meet Ashley at Fuji Ya in Uptown. We did our best to ease Ashley into her first sushi experience with a cucumber and carrot salad tossed in a light ginger dressing. Next up, time for the fish– we ordered three rolls with mild flavored fish: Philadelphia, California and Spicy Tuna; trying to give her every opportunity to fall in love!

A.E.B.M (she may kill me for posting this)

I wish I could have captured an image of every bite, there was no need for reads because her face said it all. The first two pieces (California & Philadelphia) were a no go. Most surprising of all was that she liked the Spicy Tuna roll. While I am not certain that Ashley will be hosting her next happy hour at a sushi restaurant, it was so fun to be with  her on this very BIG first! I am so proud of her!!!




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