I must begin by apologizing, as many of you can imagine I got caught up with all of the hub bub of a few birthdays, Christmas, traveling and New Years! So here I am with a triumphant return and a recap of the wonderful weekend I spent in Chicago for NYE and a monumental birthday!

We were truly honored when our friend Aly let us in on a little secret; a surprise 30th birthday/NYE celebration for her husband Nick!

Happy 30th Possum!!

We made the quick road trip to Chicago, and the surprise went off without a hitch. We ate delicious food at the Gilt Bar and popped champagne at the Elysian. It was so kind of Aly to invite use to join in on the party and let us stay in their incredible suite! Thus…

My first… stay at the Elysian

I wish I would have taken a picture of the lobby but I was unable as there was a professional taking wedding photography but feel free to check out the link, and VISIT! http://www.elysianhotels.com/

Here is a peek at our side of the suite:

Gorgeous chandeliers


Love love love

Living Room/Fireplace


Sorry for the low light


In love with this chair



Where you lay your head down

Closet/Dining Area


I want this in my house!


Comfy tub



"Mirror Mirror on the Wall..."

While travel was fun, and our accommodations were fantastic. Nothing beats being with friends, meeting new ones, and celebrating life and each other! Cheers!! Here’s to a beautiful 2011!!!








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