Sing me song, you’re the piano man…

My first time… at the 1029

I have lived in my small Minneapolis neighborhood for about a year now, and have realized that when it comes to going out I tend to stick to the places I know. I was excited to try something new, and close to home! So I trounced through the snow with a great group, and went to check out the 1029 Bar.


Prior to entering the only things I had heard about this bar was that it was a hole in the wall and a “cop bar”. I wasn’t quite sure what to expect from that description but it was nothing that I imagined. The bar is relatively small and cozy and festively decorated to boot.

Festive at the 1029

The bar was filled with people of all ages and backgrounds, and continued to fill up as the night went on. The hub of the place was a long winding bar with plenty of patrons bellied up for the night. With dim lights and a popcorn machine in the corner I thought it couldn’t get any better. Then this was put on our table…

Wanna karaoke?

I don’t know about you, but I love watching people throw back a few rounds of liquid courage and step up to the mic– and as usual the “entertainment” did not disappoint.

Sing it

This is a little gem that I will be keeping this bar in my back pocket! It’s relaxed atmosphere, great crowd, and reasonable prices I will most definitely be going back. Doesn’t hurt that it is also in walking distance!


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