Cover to Cover

My first… book club

A few months ago a girlfriend and I were talking about how so many people are in book clubs, and how we have never been in one. We would drop the idea and then always come back to it. The idea sounded fun; read a book, make an appetizer, get together with some friends, and discuss a book– so we went for it.

Tonight was our first meeting– although not many of us really enjoyed the book, the conversation flowed well and I considered perspectives that may never crossed my mind. Of course,  the appetizers were fantastic and the girl talk was much needed (and always fun)!

The part that was unexpected and exciting was looking around the room to see a group of women who without this book club may have never crossed paths. It was so inspiring to be around intelligent beautiful women who can have in-depth conversations without talking about work, being negative, or tearing other people down. So often you find that people make connections over the negative but with this book club connections are being forged in a healthy positive way. I have a feeling that what started as a simple book club may end up turning into much more!

Mine/My Brother's Teddy circa 1976-ish


2 thoughts on “Cover to Cover

  1. Andrew says:

    What Book did you read?

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