Dinner for One

My first time… eating a meal alone

So the older that I get the more that I hear people say that they headed to the local movie theater solo or had dinner alone at a local hot spot. While I consider myself an independent person this has never been something I had considered or tried; that is until tonight. While I did not head out of the house (it’s in the teens– BRR!!) I did make dinner for one. I set the mood of relaxation by lighting a few candles, pouring glass of wine and grabbed my favorite catalogs for some holiday shopping.


It was quiet but not lonely, and really quite enjoyable. Rather than dwelling on the fact that tomorrow is only Wednesday or thinking about all of the things I need to do around the house I actually relaxed. I let go of the day and was whisked away to glossy pages of gorgeous textiles, beautiful people and the joys of the season. For a few moments I had some time to… me. I think I will be asking myself on dates more often!


3 thoughts on “Dinner for One

  1. Kevin says:

    I’m a crap dinner date 😦

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