Plans are for the birds

My first time… at Costello’s (the bar/restaurant)

Last night we thought it was time to venture into St. Paul, we selected a restaurant looked up the location and headed out. Apparently we didn’t remember the directions well because after a few wrong turns, we were lost. Just as we were getting our wit’s about us, we saw a little irish bar, Costello’s and without hesitation we parked and headed into this St. Paul watering hole.

The sign that caught our eye

The bar was dim with dark green wallpaper, and a long winding bar. It was the kind of place where you walk in and everyone looks to the door. There were large framed black and white photos that one can only assume were Costellos. The ratio of old men to women (of any age) was about 5 to 1, and if smoking were legal it would have been a very smokey place.

Love the family photos on the wall

We hunkered down at a small four top and ordered none other than a Guinness and a Finnegan’s!


After perusing the menu we opted to forgo our original plans and eat a Costello’s. First up was the Walleye Nibblers, the breading was almost non-existent that allowed the fresh walleye flavor to shine!

w/homemade tartar sauce

Next up was the Pot Roast Sandwich with au jus and  the Classic Costello hamburger. Unfortunately, we were so hungry and the devoured the sandwiches before I remembered to take a picture. We ordered a few more drinks and came to the conclusions that this will be a bar we always keep in our back pocket. The crowd was friendly, the service was great, and who doesn’t love a Costello?!?!



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