Cookin’ for Warmth

My first… comfort food of the season

Anyone who knows me knows that more than anything, I hate cold weather and while winter has stayed away for most of November, sadly it has finally come in like a lion. While I mourn the official end of fall… and dread what has now set in, I do look forward to all the comfort food that is to come. I received my first lesson in Beef Stroganoff this week! Follow along to make your own!

What you will need...

Rinse and quarter one carton of fresh mushrooms

About 8 oz

On the stove heat 3 cans of low sodium cream of mushroom soup

3 cans each 10 3/4 oz.

Next bring a large pot of water to boil

For the noodles

In a separate pot or pan, brown the ground beef

1 lb ground beef

Add pepper to taste– no salt needed even the low sodium soups have more than enough salt


Mince (or press) garlic and add to the soup

About one whole head of garlic

Once the meat has been browned add to the soup mixture

Coming together

Next up… the mushrooms

Almost done...

And stir

Smelling so yummy

Add noodles to boiling pot of water

Cook until al dente

Continue to heat the sauce, and don’t forget to add the sour cream

the key to the recipe- 1/2 cup sour cream

Eat up!


So good!

Though I am not a fan of winter, I look forward to having this the my back pocket as a delicious and hearty winter meal. If my waist line would allow, I would eat this everyday! Enjoy!


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