30th Celebration

My first… dinner at Bar La Grassa

October 20th was a big day… well not for me but for my dear friend Greg, he turned 30!! For the occasion his sweet girlfriend Adrienne arranged for dinner at Bar La Grass in Minneapolis. I had heard many wonderful things so I was elated with the invite!


The atmosphere was very cool, tall ceilings, dark wood, and large clear light bulbs provided a very warm and cozy feel!

Big open kitchen

just enough light

The menu looked phenomenal, and the drink selection, superb!

So many choices

For our appetizer we opted for the Charred Onion and Goat cheese bruschetta and a cold meat plate. Unfortunately, we loved it so much that it wasn’t until we were done with it that I realized I forgot to take a picture. I apologize but would highly recommend it!

For entrees we ordered the PENNE RIGATE with SHRIMP and VIN SANTO and the TORCHIO with SEA URCHIN CHILE, MUSSELS, and TOMATO



While both of the dishes looked and smelled delicious we each thought that our entrees were just okay. Which was a disappointment; I wish that the menu had given more insight into the type of sauce that was on each dish.

But we didn’t let it get us too down and went ahead to order dessert, which were wonderful!!

All that was left...

...when I remembered to take a picture

But the most important part is that the birthday boy had a great time!


Our first visit to Bar La Grassa gets mixed reviews as the drinks, appetizers and desserts were fantastic but our entrees were so-so. I think we will try another time but perhaps for happy hour!


One thought on “30th Celebration

  1. Kevin says:

    I wish Greg wasn’t so old.

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