Put your feet up

My first… experience with re-upholstery

I am constantly on the look out for good deals but especially when it come to classic pieces whether it be a beautiful jacket, a china tea cup, or an old bookcase I love repurposing, or bringing things back to life. So when I was at one of my favorite thrift stores and I spotted this little beauty from across the way I snatched it right up! For only $5 I couldn’t go wrong!


Look beyond the blue...


Now, the fun part of this was trying to figure out where this piece would fit into the rest of my collection. I decided that I would like this piece to have two purposes 1) an ottoman (of course!) 2) a luggage stand in the guest bedroom. With these to things in mind I headed off to the fabric store to try and find a fabric that would work in both the living room and our guest room.

Perhaps it is my naivety but I was completely unaware that you could spend a FORTUNE on fabric!! With what little furniture knowledge I do have, it made sense to meander my way to the “Home Decor” department on a search for a more heavy duty fabric that can withstand, feet, luggage and two dogs! There were aisles and aisle of beautiful fabric that I could simply lust over because I could not justify spending $50 on fabric, this was supposed to be a fun little project note an investment!

It took some digging but I found this fantastic “Scrap” section within the Home Decor department. There were bolts and bolts to examine but once I saw this, I knew it was it! It said $6 per yard (regularly $25 per yard)… “now we are talkin'”!!

Neutral = Versatile

Just the right amount

The cutting counter called by number and I was delighted to find out that there was a little of a yard and a half and I would only be charged $2.50 for the entire piece because one edge was frayed…DEAL! And I was off to begin my newest project!

I began by flipping the ottoman on its top, and removing each staple with needle nose pliers.

Needle nose

Remove gingerly 🙂

After all the staples have been removed I used a phillips head screwdriver to remove the legs

Be careful not to knick the wood!


Once all of the legs have been removed I gently pulled back all of the blue fabric to reveal the cushion within

Like unwrapping a present!

I laid the ottoman onto of the fabric with the “pretty-side” against the floor

Time to wrap it up!

I then began the “wrapping” process by folding fabric over each and stapling the fabric in place– make sure not to pull the fabric too tight as it will warp the cushion. After each end is stapled repeat with the sides.

Careful not to pull too tight

Don’t forget to make sure and mark your hole where the legs will be re-attached

Very important step!

After holes have been marked screw the legs back in place and trim excess fabric

Getting closer

Once the legs have been screwed in… flip over and bask in the beauty of your “new” piece!


Love Love Love

Oh, and don’t forget to put your feet up!!!


4 thoughts on “Put your feet up

  1. Lady JeJe says:

    Youre amazing!!

  2. Tony says:

    very nice work! looks great.

  3. super impressed-always been intimidated by doing a project like this! totally inspiring!


    • you are too cute! thanks for the sweet compliment– it really isn’t that hard, you should take a stab at it!! love keeping up with your blog; have a couple girls in my office following you as well! hope you have a great halloween!!

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