Would you Whiskey?

My first… visit to the Happy Gnome

Friday night was date night and rather than hitting up one of our favorite haunts we decided to venture into St. Paul and try something new. After perusing many menus we decided upon the Happy Gnome on Selby Avenue. The website boasts an eclectic menu featuring locally grown foods, and over 300 whiskies–we were sold.

Nestled next to the Twin Cities Curling Club, I wasn’t sure what to expect from the exterior– but upon entering I was met with dim lighting, cozy hard wood, and a bustling bar. With a large fireplace at the end of the bar I knew I had entered a place that I will frequent this winter, and that was only the beginning.

After a whiskey soda at the bar we were led around the wrapping bar and into a small dining room. The high ceilings and wood beams and candlelit tables kept the warm fuzzies flowing (well that, and the whiskey)!

Our server was fantastic! She was a petite girl with spikey red hair who was more than willing to give you suggestions from beers to whiskies, and cheese to dessert. We let her guide us through the delicious menu and even exchanged a few high-fives!

Course 1-Whiskey:

Crown and Soda w/a lime for me!

Course 2- Cabra al Vino (Drunken Goat):

"A dousing in red wine gives this cheese a new dimension of flavor to the mild semi-soft center...reddish blue rind is a bold contrast to the white cheese"

Course 3- Steak Carpaccio:

Incredible-- sorry no description from the menu, it was a special!! YUM!

Course 4- Halibut for her, Venison for him

"Thyme Roasted Halibut- tri colored cauliflower risotto cake, spinach purée, lemon gastrique, lemon zest powder, lotus root chips"

"Coffee & Black Pepper Crusted Venison chive potato “soufflé”, crispy house cured wild bacon, sautéed rainbow swiss chard, corn purée, violet mustard demi"

Course 5- Cheescake

I am kicking myself because I forgot to take a picture of the most divine piece of cheesecake I have ever tasted in my entire life— “Goat’s Milk Cheesecake pistachio crusted, fresh seasonal berries, and thyme infused honey” (stop drooling on your keyboard)

Course 6- More whiskey:

Red Breast and Michter's Small Batch Rye

Not only was the food phenomenal but the service fantastic– I have a new haunt to frequent, and this was is covered in little garden gnomes!


3 thoughts on “Would you Whiskey?

  1. Lady JeJe says:

    I can’t wait to go here!!! Seriously I’ve been waitin/wanting to go since last february!! Thanks for pioneering!

  2. Lan Freitag says:

    It’s my favorite place in St.Paul!! I love their cheese platter and I can’t believe you didn’t get beer there with their humongous selection!! Miss you!

  3. tony calle says:

    Man o man. 300 whiskeys will definitely keep you warm this winter. And goat milk cheescake? Whaaat? Sounds delightful.

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