Kum By Yah…

My first… time camping in Minnesota!

This weekend we gathered some friends, packed our camping supplies and headed off for an adventure. With little criteria or expectations we headed north to find our home for the night! After about an hour and a half we finally settled on a beautiful area called the Rum River State Forest. Nestled between Mille Lacs Lake and well established farmsteads, this forest was the perfect setting– now we just had to find our campsite… it was taking a little longer than expected so even the pups helped with the hunt!

Lucas Wiley


After a couple failed attempts we finally found the perfect spot; way at the top of that hill!

Pull up your boot straps, we're going for a hike!

Once the spot was found it was time to unload. It took a few trips up this massive hill but it was well worth it. We dropped our things and pitched our tent!

Home sweet home

With camp setup, it was time to relax and take a dip. We headed back down the hill and waded into the beautiful Rum River. I wasn’t sure why it was called the Rum River until I saw the gorgeous amber color.


So refreshing

Even the dogs jumped at the chance to cool off!!

Don't get to see a bulldog swim very often

Not a big fan of the water

After a fun in the sun and water we headed back to land for dinner and a bonfire, and boy was it a beauty!

Keep those mosquitos away!

We are so lucky to have had the chance to get out of the city, and to have such wonderful friends. Hopefully we will get to recreate another camping experience before the snow sets in!

Robin, Koala, Bunny

It may take a few days to recover but it was well worth it!

Sweet dreams


One thought on “Kum By Yah…

  1. Tony says:

    Looks like fun! I’ve never seen a River made of RUM!

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