Green Thumb… not mine

While I have great difficulty keeping a house plant or potted flowers alive, my neighbors have a gift. Forget the flowers, they have a garden in the backyard. From peppers to tomatoes, and green beans to squash their garden has some of the best veggies and seasonings that summer has to offer. After being given permission to try some of their “crop” I jumped at the chance right toward the Pepperoncinis.


This little beauties have a light green hue, but don’t be fooled they pack some punch. Check out the seeds!!

"I'm a lil' sweeter than Jala!"

Since it is not as hot a their cousin the jalapeno I have found that I love putting these little guys on anything from sandwiches, to nachos but today it was a salad!

Perfect lunch... or dinner!

I am so thankful that my neighbors let me dig in to their beautiful garden. Next up I think I am going to have to try and make fried green tomatoes!!! Throw yourself a curveball by spicing up some of your favorites with pepperoncinis or any of the other wonderful food summer offers!


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