Week in Review

Apologies must be made as I have been absent for the past week or so. From weddings to disasters it has been an absolute whirlwind so let me fill you on in some recent happenings and fun firsts!

On August 8th 2010 my very beautiful, incredible, wonderful friend Ashley became the lucky Mrs. Moore. The ceremony was at a beautiful chapel in the woods, followed up by a night of dancing…dancing….and more dancing at the Lafayette Club on Lake Minnetonka. Because I was in the wedding, I don’t have a ton of pictures but here are a couple highlights of the day and evening

A beauty in love!

Proud Papa and Daddy's Girl!

After resting up from all of the wedding festivities we headed out for some Sunday Funday activities at the Uptown Air Fair. To say it was a balmy day would be an understatement– it was one of the hottest days of the summer but with water in hand we made the trek nonetheless.

Art on the Town

Paintings, sculptures, jewelry and beyond the streets were filled with beautiful artwork of all mediums. There was no shortage.


Cheers to expression

While we wanted to linger and look all day long, the weather was not working in our favor. We decided to stop into an Uptown favorite, Bar Abilene. I had never been and was excited to get out of the heat and cool down somewhere new!

Bar Abilene

Blame it on naivete but I was entirely unaware that this was a tequila bar… but it became very evident upon walking through the door!!


We opted for some delicious Margs and homemade chips with salsa– while we took the traditional route the happy hour menu had many super delicious offerings and cool seats to boot


After all the heat and humidity, we should have known a terrible storm was headed our way. Unfortunately, we had to bear the brunt of the storm with water filling our basement. With a steady stream of dirty storm water gushing into our basement we were lucky enough to save all of our things… but the rest of our house became a disaster zone becoming the home to displaced items

Art in the hall

Pictures covered all of our kitchen counters and the entire kitchen table– lucky for us we did not lose ONE photo!

Glad we didn't lose these

Only a few wrinkled pages

Guest room overloaded

After a long night of rearranging, and cleaning we needed a distraction.  And a welcome one came our way… while we were disappointed that our friends Frank and Ceri were unable to come to Minneapolis we were fortunate to be offered their tickets to the Phoenix show, and it was a blast (we owe ya)!

Bright lights

Big Sounds

And lots of fun!

It is hard to believe but more fun was in order as we rented a pontoon boat and cruised the St. Croix with friends. I can’t think of a better way to spend a Friday out of the office! The weather seemed questionable as we headed out but the skies cleared just long enough for a few hours of fun!

Love you kids

And just as we got to our cars… all hell broke loose


Soaking wet

Just when we thought there was no more fun to be had we found out that we were going to have a very special visitor– Mama C! We tried to cram as many activities as we could into a few sweet hours and loved every minute of it. We started with Jucy Lucy’s at Matt’s, a trip to Home Goods, a drive through the old haunts, appetizers at Maynard’s and finished up our day with drinks and dinner at The Bulldog, and I found a new favorite beer, Sonner Kolsch! Cheers!

So sad it's seasonal

On our second day with Momma C we opted to head for the Minnesota Irish Fair on Harriet Island in St. Paul! We got a preview of some wonderful fall temperatures, enjoyed delicious food, and enjoyed an incredible Irish celebration! On the menu:

Corned Beef and Cabbage Rolls-- delish!

Warm cookies and cold milk

While partaking in the Irish fare we were able to take in a few great sights…

Sheep herding demonstration

Bag Pipe competition

Luck of the Irish

Needless to say… it’s been a crazy week or so– lots of ups and downs. Filled with fun, sun (rain) and friends. I am so blessed to have such an incredible week of celebrations and firsts! Can’t wait for all that is to come in the next few weeks!


4 thoughts on “Week in Review

  1. did you get a retainer or bigger teeth, your friend’s wedding is doomed, and you will probably die next friday.
    sorry for you,

  2. Tony says:

    Wowowowow!! So much in one week!! I feel like I live next door to you now!! Keep all this Monique life comin! I dig it much!!

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