“Cuz” it’s so good

Sunday was one of those mornings where a hearty breakfast was in order. If you are familiar with Minneapolis breakfasts hot spots that come to mind might include, Ike’s, Bryant Lake Bowl, or Santorini but this weekend I opted for Cuzzy’s! “Cuzzy’s?” You heard me correctly. While I have been a patron of this joint a number of times, I have never made it to breakfast and wasn’t even certain they would be open on a Sunday. Much to my surprise breakfast is served until 1pm. Needless to say, I was in luck!

So many choices... and it is TWO SIDED

Before perusing the menu I ordered a tall bloody mary to quench my thirst (they are fantastic– and I have the recipe they use should you want it!)

Sip up!

After a very complicated decision I opted for the 1st Cuz… eggs over easy, wheat toast, hashbrowns, and sausage links– a never fail!

How long with this take I am starving!

By the time my food came I felt famished… and nearly forgot to take this picture. It didn’t take long before this beautiful plate of deliciousness was destroyed


With $3.20 Bloody Marys and the monsterous 1st Cuz for under $7.50… you know I will be back again! Anyone want to join me?!


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