“How you doin’?”

I must apologize for my recent lack of posts but with good reason. Last week I awoke early on Thursday morning to embark on my first ever mother daughter trip. This might strike some as odd that this didn’t happen earlier in my life, but I think it came at the perfect time. Here are just a few pictures of us about town… over the next few days I will include some great finds and firsts that I experienced along the way. I was very fortunate to have such a wonderful experience and to share it with my momma! Here are a few highlights from Day 1!

Base of the Brooklyn Bridge

It was our first Mother/Daughter trip but we were lucky enough to stay in a neighborhood not far from where my brother Jamison lives. While he was at working we were off to do some exploring of our own. And after many rave reviews we knew our first stop had to be at Grimaldi’s under the Brooklyn Bridge. We were greeted by nearly 50 people waiting in line almost a half a block long. But don’t get me wrong… it was worth the wait.


After gorging ourselves we decided it was time to go for a walk, and what better place than a park overlooking Manhattan, and even though it was a balmy 95 degrees we made our way across the Brooklyn Bridge.

Making the trek into Manhattan

We maneuvered our way through the crowds both on the bridge and off and made our way down to City Hall which resembled more of a park than anything else. People were relaxing about the lawn, enjoying the light breeze, and beautiful surroundings.



Make a Wish

After sitting in the shade and taking in all that was around us… we decided to pound the pavement and get to shopping– more to come all on all my great finds, firsts and adventures!!


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