“Breakfast of Champions”

Mornin’! I have never been much of a breakfast person (I blame it on my dad’s lack of breakfast habits while I was growing up).  I always thought that when I woke up I was too tired to eat breakfast or simply not hungry. But as of late, I have made a conscious effort to eat breakfast and am now viewing my food as fuel!
Thanks to my great friend Casey,  I have been having a wonderful fruit and spinach smoothie for breakfast for the past few weeks. That is until a recent spill…



After the disastrous spill and horrendous clean up I have opted for a more simplified breakfast until I can find a smoothie cup that does not allow overflow! And with so many great fruits in season right now, it is hard to resist.

Keeping it Simple

 I have found this breakfast to not only stay in their respective containers, but it is also filling to the point of satisfaction rather than discomfort. It carries me over until my late lunch each day, and I love all the contrast in colors among the fruit. 

 What are you eating for breakfast these days? Is it vastly different from what you eat during the winter? 


3 thoughts on ““Breakfast of Champions”

  1. get bigger teeth and post mon thru friday

  2. oooommmmggggg i cannot believe that spill!!!!! unbelievable! i can’t believe casey didn’t tell me about that! you poor thing!


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