Take me out to the ball game

Last baseball season if you had asked me to go to a Twins game with you, you really would have had to twist my arm. While the Metrodome is fun in it’s own right, I have never understood indoor baseball. But this being the inaugural season at Twins Field I took the plunge and bought season tickets with a group of friends.  Thus far, I have attended 8 games but have never once been on time for the first pitch. UNTIL tonight!

After work, I zig-zagged my way through afternoon traffic and made it home where I loaded my purse with bottled water, Swedish Fish, and sunflower seeds–and I was off! I found a “secret” hiding spot a few blocks from the stadium and trucked up to my seats. I must have been on a mission because not only did I arrive on time, I arrived a half hour early!

Arriving early allowed me to take in Target Field in a whole new way. There were people buzzing about trying to find their seats, taking in the stadium fare; all the while trying not to spill their drink! Once I arrived at my seat I was delighted that the organ player was tickling the keys to the tune of “Footloose”. It wasn’t long before a local church choir was singing our national anthem and the flags were raised and “the home of the brave….” It was finally time!!!! Francisco Liriano took the mound— and SNAP! I got it on camera… my VERY FIRST PITCH!!

Let's go Twinkies!!!

While this might not seem like such a great first to some, I was elated. A beautiful night under the blue sky (later stars), perfect weather, and great friends. I could not have hand-picked a better night…

Love this city!

… actually, that is not quite true– had we won, it would have been the perfect night! Better luck tomorrow boys!!!


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