pRiDe 2o1o

I could not have chosen a better time to begin my quest for trying and experiencing new things. So far the adventures have been a blast, and this was no different. Today I went to my very first Pride Parade, and I know that it will not be the last! From drag queens to bag pipes and step groups to short shorts (the shortest I have ever seen) the Pride parade not only exceeded my expectations but blew my mind!!

PRIDE 2010

One great outfit!

Yea!!! This makes me so happy!

"Who's that lady... who's that lady!?"

"Going to chapel..."

This is what it's all about!!!!

The music… fantastic. The outfits…incredible. The antics… outrageous! And while this was a fun and upbeat outing the message sent is an important one. Stay true to yourself, your beliefs and your heart! My hope is that events such as these not only celebrate the gay community,  but also aid in showing government that we all deserve to be treated equally. What an amazing show of support from the Twin Cities for our gay community. I cannot wait for next year’s celebration!!

PRIDE 2010


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