“This is how you do it”

My former roomate Lindsay had no idea what a monster she was creating when she invited me to join her for a yoga class. We had just moved to Denver, and I was trying to take in all the city had to offer.  I thought, what the heck?  Speed up to today… it’s hot and muggy outside. 81 degrees with the humidity at 70%. And what did I want to do after work?? Walk into a yoga studio that is nearly 20 degrees warmer and partake in some downward dogs and chaturangas. It’s my little love affair (thanks Linds!)!!

Tonight’s class was at a CorePower Studio that is new to me; nestled in Stadium Village on the U of M campus– I fell in love all over again. Your skins moistens as soon as you walk through the door and yet somehow you find yourself feeling lighter. I slipped off my flip flops and entered the studio to lay out my mat. The floor had more give then the gymnasium floor in elementary school. The music is low and the sun beaming through the floor to ceiling windows. I laid down and and let it all go.

Tonight I had the honor of taking class from Nora. She has the amazing ability of helping you to forget about the world we live in day to day. You bring everything to the mat–lay it down and just breathe for 60 solid minutes. Vinyasa after vinyasa, pose after pose, Nora encourages and challenges you to move beyond your edge. The sweat and the humidity in the room builds and your focus is enhanced. Each class is a adventure as your body and it’s limits are different each practice. It is on my mat where I feel truly empowered. We all did the same poses, were in the same room, and even shared the same breath. But the incredible thing about yoga is that we all take something different away from the experience.

I encourage everyone to try, at least once–although I would recommend doing it more often of course. Here’s the website… (www.corepoweryoga.com) feel free to visit the site and explore. Challenge yourself to go beyond your edge, and try something new today!

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