Not a psycho but I love her

After a morning of moving— I was enlisted me to join a Sunday Funday! This glorious afternoon was spent baking on the patio @ Psycho Suzi’s in NE Minneapolis. While I have heard many wonderful things about the establishment this was my very first visit. And everything lived up to the hype!

There she is....

The food and the atmosphere exceeded our expectations. Our table was situatated on a sprawling patio covered with tropical looking plants and grass umbrellas! The waitress was a edgy girl with sleeves of vibrantly colored tattoos and large plugs in her ears; she was fantastic. We split four appetizers of a somewhat 1970’s fare– deviled eggs, fried cheese curds, onion rings and pickle roll-ups; DE-LISH!! Psycho Suzi’s also offers and entire menu of just Tiki style drinks. From the One-Eyed Willy to the Paralyzed Polynesian, these drinks don’t disappoint.

Yum in the Tum

Are we in Hawaii?!

I could have had a few more

There was even a magic show

I would recommend Psycho Suzi’s to anyone in the Twin Cities, and if you need some partners in crime– come join us!!! Wonderful way to start the summer! Cheers!!!!

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One thought on “Not a psycho but I love her

  1. Kristin says:

    Now, if you would have told me there was going to be a Magic Show, I would have stopped by 😉 Thanks for helping me move!!!!

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